Automatic Optimization

LineLab can be used in different ways, and depending on which parameters are known, LineLab determines and optimizes all remaining system variables. LineLab's optimization offers unparalleled flexibility and granularity.
Workstation results

Powerful Trades

LineLab empowers users to explore the latent relationships between different variables, offering a variety of features for making advanced trades between various possible configurations.
Throughput vs. unit costs


By quantifying and visualizing risks and sensitivities, LineLab provides stakeholders with a clear understanding of cost drivers. LineLab calculates risk profiles & trades combined scenario alternatives, uniquely suited for new technologies.
Risk chart detail

Customer Benefit

What our customers like about using LineLab

Quick to Get Started

Turns custom spreadsheets into accurate production line models in a matter of minutes.

Promotes Accurate Inputs

Inherently promotes input transparency and accuracy, embracing uncertainty.

Comprehensive Results

Drill down into cost breakout, marginal costs, risks, and optimized system configurations.

Advanced Trades

Consider any combination of scenarios with uncertain inputs, trades, and matrix models.

Technology Transfer

Supports collaboration and digitization across silos, to business models & sustainability.

Better Decisions

Save upward of 30% on initial investment or boost throughput of an existing system.