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Whether you are planning a new production system or determining cost implications of a new part design or a new product line - LineLab's new, MIT-developed approach makes it perhaps the fastest, most accurate, and most transparent way to get answers. Hard to believe? Schedule a quick demo with us and see for yourself.

What our customers like about LineLab:
  • Fast to build a highly accurate model, none of the guesswork common with simulation or Excel-based models
  • Differentiated handling of variation, wait times, and hidden costs
  • Detailed, concise results (e.g. cost breakout, marginal costs)
  • Ability to model complete technology portfolio across maturity levels
  • Supports collaboration and digitization across silos
  • Inherently promotes input transpacency and accuracy, embracing uncertainty
We will send you a call invite via email. If none of your time options work for us, we'll be in touch to coordinate.