Determine how production systems will scale.

LineLab is a powerful software tool that models complex systems with precision and ease. It provides valuable information for decision-making on new designs and ideas, and accurately determines dynamic behavior. LineLab can optimize the planned system to meet production goals – for the most accurate and rapid-turnaround production performance prediction in the industry.
LineLab revolutionizes the way manufacturing systems are planned and cost drivers are predicted. LineLab models and optimizes the setup of your future production system, providing insight into flow, wait times and utilization when scaled up. What's more: based on process and cost inputs, LineLab can determine just the right inventory buffer and capacity buffer to minimize unit costs as a whole - and optimize thousands of system variables in one go, with full transparency.
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Go beyond historicals and close the loop around the business case. LineLab's ability to connect models allows for a comprehensive scale-up analysis that considers the impact of upstream and downstream operations. This unique feature provides invaluable insights and optimization opportunities, setting LineLab apart from other software tools in the industry.
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Core Capabilities of LineLab

Customer Benefit

What our customers like about using LineLab

Quick to Get Started

Turns custom spreadsheets into accurate production line models in a matter of minutes.

Promotes Accurate Inputs

Inherently promotes input transparency and accuracy, embracing uncertainty.

Comprehensive Results

Drill down into cost breakout, marginal costs, risks, and optimized system configurations.

Advanced Trades

Consider any combination of scenarios with uncertain inputs, trades, and matrix models.

Technology Transfer

Supports collaboration and digitization across silos, to business models & sustainability.

Better Decisions

Save upward of 30% on initial investment or boost throughput of an existing system.

Use Cases

Key applications, measurable impact

Technology Investments

Evaluate potential impact of new material or process, automation, or technology investment on operations, maximizing returns on technology investments.

Supported decision on R&D project increasing ROI by a factor of 4.9


Design Decisions

Anticipate component cost and cost drivers to guide decisions as early as concept phase and speed time-to-market.

Helped avoid overpaying 32% on future production costs


Optimizing Production

Optimize existing production systems and identify opportunities to reduce inventory, increase rate, and improve overall performance.

Identified 1.4% ($6m/yr) savings on existing production system

Respective customers had not achieved comparable results with other tools